Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling, 20 inch .925 sterling silver 1mm snake chain necklace Perfect for my pendants smooth shiny round lobster clasp basic



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This necklace.925 necklacesterling necklacesilver necklacesnake necklacechain necklaceis necklace1mm necklacewide necklacewith necklacelobster necklaceclasp necklaceand necklace.925 necklacestamped necklacehanging necklacetag. necklaceThis necklacelisting necklaceis necklacefor necklaceone necklace20" necklacechain. necklace necklaceThese necklacego necklacegreat necklacewith necklacemy necklacependants necklaceor necklaceany necklacependant necklaceyou necklacemay necklacewant necklaceto necklacewear! necklacePretty necklaceand necklacesimple necklacenecklace necklacefor necklaceeveryday!Need necklacemore necklacethan necklaceone, necklacejust necklacelet necklaceme necklaceknow!I necklacehave necklacethese necklaceavailable necklacein necklace16", necklace18", necklace20", necklace22" necklace24" necklaceand necklace30"

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