Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Elaborately carved red malachite focal beadbeads, chrysanthemum carvingbeads, natural stone jewelry componentbeads, Dixie Dazzlebeads, Chattanoogabeads, TN



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I stone pendantlove stone pendantthis stone pendantelaborately stone pendantcarved stone pendantred stone pendantmalachite stone pendantfocal stone pendantbead. stone pendant stone pendantIt stone pendantis stone pendanta stone pendantchrysanthemum stone pendantcarving. stone pendant stone pendantNatural stone pendantstone stone pendantjewelry stone pendantcomponent, stone pendantDixie stone pendantDazzle, stone pendantChattanooga, stone pendantTNI stone pendantship stone pendantdaily stone pendantfrom stone pendantthe stone pendantUSA stone pendantMonday stone pendantthrough stone pendantFriday. stone pendant stone pendantMeasurements stone pendantare stone pendantapproximate.Length stone pendantis stone pendant1 stone pendant3/4"Width stone pendantis stone pendant1 stone pendant1/2"

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