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silver tone, Vintage Silver Tone Floral Design Hollow Bangle Bracelet



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This bangleis banglea banglevintage banglehollow banglesilver bangletone banglebangle banglebracelet banglewith banglea banglefloral bangledesign. bangleIt banglealso banglehas banglesomething bangleinside banglethat banglewhen bangleshaken bangleyou banglecan banglehear bangleit. banglePerhaps banglelittle banglebeads? bangleThere bangleis banglewear bangleto banglethe bangleplating bangleand banglea banglespot banglewhere bangleI banglebelieve banglethe banglepiece banglewas banglesoldered bangletogether. bangleMeasures bangleapprox. bangle2.75" banglefrom bangleinside bangleedge bangleto bangleinside bangleedge banglex bangle7/16"w.

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