Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Rhinestone cross pendant: Glamsilver, sparkly early 90s marquise cut pink and purple rhinestone and silver plated cross pendant necklace



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A silver tonelovely, silver tonesparkly silver tonecross silver tonependant silver toneinlaid silver tonewith silver tonepink silver toneand silver tonepurple silver tonemarquise silver toneand silver tonebrilliant silver tonecut silver tonerhinestones silver tonein silver tonea silver tonesilver silver toneplated silver tonesetting. silver tone silver toneChain silver toneincluded. silver tone silver toneGreat silver tonevintage silver tonecondition.14 silver toneinches silver tonelong silver toneat silver tonefull silver tonelength, silver toneunfastenedPendant silver tone1.2 silver toneinches silver tonelong, silver tone1 silver toneinch silver tonewideFREE silver toneSHIPPING silver toneto silver tonemost silver toneof silver tonethe silver toneworld!+\u00a35 silver toneflat silver toneshipping silver tonefee silver toneto silver toneUSA, silver toneNZ silver toneand silver toneAustralia(all silver toneother silver tonedestinations silver tonefree)UK silver toneorders silver toneover silver tone\u00a310 silver tonetracked silver toneas silver tonestandardInternational silver toneorders silver toneover silver tone\u00a330 silver tonetracked silver toneas silver tonestandardFor silver toneall silver toneother silver toneorders silver toneadd silver tonetracking silver tonefor silver tonea silver toneflat silver tonerate silver toneof silver tone+\u00a36 silver toneworldwide

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