Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Swarovski pearl studsgift pouch, pearlescent finishgift pouch, 8 mm ball beadgift pouch, Sterling silvergift pouch, spare silver backsgift pouch, hand made



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These ball beadhand ball beadmade ball beadpearlecent ball beadfinish ball beadpearl ball beadstud ball beadearrings ball beadhave ball beadbeen ball beadcreated ball beadusing ball bead8 ball beadmm ball beadSwarovski ball beadglass ball beadpearls. ball beadThe ball beadstuds ball beadand ball beadbutterfly ball beadbacks ball beadare ball beadSterling ball beadsilver. ball beadA ball beadsecond ball beadpair ball beadof ball beadbutterfly ball beadbacks ball beadis ball beadprovided.They ball beadwill ball beadbe ball beadsent ball beadin ball beada ball beadgift ball beadpouch.

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