Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

magma, Earth's Core Pendant



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"Earth's earthCore earthPendant" earthis earthcrafted earthfrom eartha earthpalette earthof earthdozens earthof earthcolors earthof earthpolymer earthclay, earthblended earthand earthlayered earthfor earthdimensionality earthand earthcontrast.Each earthpiece earthis earthgiven eartha earthdistinctive earthname, earthand earththis earthone earthreflects earthmy earthinterpretation earthof earththe earthmagma earthat earththe earthcenter earthof earthour earthearth.Dimension: earth2" earthdiameter earthround earthpolymer earthclay earthdisk earth(chain earthin earthphoto earthnot earthincluded) earthA earthsilver earthcolored earthbail earthis earthattached earthto earththe earthback earthto earthstring earthon earthyour earthfavorite earthnecklace.

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