Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Chinese Export Cloisonne Long Pendant Necklacepaper clip chain, Millefiori Glass Beadspaper clip chain, Paper Clip Chainpaper clip chain, Vintage 1940s 1950s



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Vintage long necklaceChinese long necklaceexport long necklacelong long necklacecloisonne long necklacependant long necklacenecklace long necklacewith long necklacemillefiori long necklaceglass long necklacebeads long necklaceand long necklacea long necklacepaper long necklaceclip long necklacestyle long necklacechain. long necklaceThe long necklacependant long necklaceis long necklacedual long necklacesided. long necklaceOne long necklaceside long necklaceis long necklaceall long necklacecloisonne long necklacewith long necklacelotus long necklaceflower long necklacedesign. long necklaceThe long necklaceother long necklaceside long necklaceis long necklacegilded long necklacemetal long necklacewith long necklaceChinese long necklacetemple long necklacedesign. long necklaceThe long necklacemetal long necklaceis long necklacebrass long necklacewith long necklacea long necklacegold long necklacefinish. long necklaceAge: long necklaceestimated long necklacecirca long necklace1940's long necklace- long necklace50's long necklaceHallmarks: long necklacethere long necklaceare long necklaceno long necklacehallmarks long necklaceor long necklacemakers long necklacemarks. long necklaceMeasurements: long necklacethe long necklacechain long necklaceis long necklaceapproximately long necklace35" long necklacelong long necklacefrom long necklaceend long necklaceto long necklaceend long necklace(including long necklaceclasp). long necklaceThe long necklacependant long necklaceis long necklace1-7/8" long necklacelong long necklace(including long necklacethe long necklacebale) long necklacex long necklace7/8" long necklacewide. long necklaceCondition: long necklaceit long necklaceis long necklacein long necklaceoverall long necklacegood long necklacecondition. long necklaceThere long necklaceis long necklacewear long necklaceto long necklacethe long necklacegold long necklacefinish long necklaceon long necklacethe long necklaceback long necklaceof long necklacethe long necklacependant. long necklaceAll long necklacecloisonne long necklaceis long necklaceintact. long necklaceThe long necklaceclasp long necklacecloses long necklacesecurely.To long necklacesee long necklacemore long necklaceZephyr long necklaceVintage long necklacenecklaces:https://www./shop/zephyrvintage?section_id=6633843Visit long necklacethe long necklaceZephyr long necklaceVintage long necklaceshop long necklacehere:http://www./shop/zephyrvintage

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