Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

new mexico, Vermilion Hills Pendant



In stock



"Vermilion fun jewelryHills" fun jewelryis fun jewelrycrafted fun jewelryfrom fun jewelrya fun jewelrypalette fun jewelryof fun jewelrydozens fun jewelryof fun jewelrycolors fun jewelryof fun jewelrypolymer fun jewelryclay, fun jewelryblended fun jewelryand fun jewelrylayered fun jewelryfor fun jewelrydimensionality fun jewelryand fun jewelrycontrast.Each fun jewelrypiece fun jewelryis fun jewelrygiven fun jewelrya fun jewelrydistinctive fun jewelryname, fun jewelryand fun jewelrythis fun jewelryone fun jewelryis fun jewelrypart fun jewelryof fun jewelrymy fun jewelryseries fun jewelrywhich fun jewelryreflects fun jewelrymy fun jewelryinterpretation fun jewelryof fun jewelrythe fun jewelrygeology fun jewelryand fun jewelrylandscape fun jewelryof fun jewelrythe fun jewelryAmerican fun jewelrySouthwest.Dimension: fun jewelry2" fun jewelrydiameter fun jewelryround fun jewelrypolymer fun jewelryclay fun jewelrydisk

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