Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

forged jewelry, Oak leaf and spiral pendant in bronze on a 24 in chain



In stock



I've fantasy jewelrycreated fantasy jewelrythis fantasy jewelrybronze fantasy jewelryoak fantasy jewelryleaf fantasy jewelryand fantasy jewelryspiral fantasy jewelryfrom fantasy jewelrysolid fantasy jewelrybronze fantasy jewelrysheet fantasy jewelrymetal. fantasy jewelry fantasy jewelryI fantasy jewelrysaw fantasy jewelryout fantasy jewelrythe fantasy jewelryleaf, fantasy jewelryhammer fantasy jewelryit fantasy jewelryto fantasy jewelryshape fantasy jewelryand fantasy jewelrysolder fantasy jewelryon fantasy jewelrya fantasy jewelryhammered fantasy jewelryspiral fantasy jewelryin fantasy jewelryan fantasy jewelryintuitive fantasy jewelryfashion. fantasy jewelry fantasy jewelryIt fantasy jewelrymeasures fantasy jewelryapproximately fantasy jewelry1-3/4 fantasy jewelryinches fantasy jewelrylong fantasy jewelryby fantasy jewelry1/2 fantasy jewelryinches fantasy jewelrywide fantasy jewelryand fantasy jewelryhangs fantasy jewelryon fantasy jewelrya fantasy jewelry24 fantasy jewelryinch fantasy jewelrycopper fantasy jewelrychain.

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