Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

aztec face necklace, vintage Mayan Aztec face necklace on long chain with beaded fringe



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Vintage statement necklaceMayan statement necklace/ statement necklaceAztec statement necklaceface statement necklacenecklace. statement necklaceGold statement necklacetone statement necklacemetal statement necklacefocal statement necklacemight statement necklacebe statement necklacepewter. statement necklaceWood statement necklacebeads statement necklacein statement necklacethree statement necklaceshades statement necklaceof statement necklacepink. statement necklaceGreat statement necklacecondition statement necklacebut statement necklace2 statement necklacebeads statement necklaceare statement necklacemissing. statement necklaceNo statement necklaceother statement necklaceflaws. statement necklaceSuch statement necklacea statement necklaceneat statement necklacepiece! statement necklaceThe statement necklaceface statement necklacemeasures statement necklaceup statement necklaceto statement necklace2.5" statement necklacewide, statement necklacewith statement necklacethe statement necklacebead statement necklacefringe statement necklaceit statement necklaceis statement necklace3.75" statement necklacelong. statement necklaceThe statement necklacechain statement necklaceis statement necklace30" statement necklacelong. statement necklaceThe statement necklacenecklace statement necklaceis statement necklacenot statement necklaceheavy.Ships statement necklacein statement necklacea statement necklacegift statement

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