Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

autumn colors, ARTISAN Designer Necklace - Handcrafted - Natural Agate- Healing Stones



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ARTISAN warm tonesFINE warm tonesDESIGNER warm tonesHANDCRAFTED warm tonesAUTUMN warm tonesCOLOR warm tonesONE warm tonesOF warm tonesA warm tonesKIND warm tones warm tonesNECKLACEGODDESSANDCO warm tonesis warm tonespleased warm tonesto warm tonesoffer warm tonesfor warm tonessale, warm tonesthis warm tonesdelicious warm tonesround warm tonesfaceted warm toneshealing warm tonesagate warm tonesstone warm tonesnecklace warm toneswith warm tonesgold warm tonesbronze warm tonesdisc warm tonesbead warm tonesspacers warm tonesAn warm tonesexclusive warm tonesunique warm tonescreation warm tonesby warm tonesBKF warm tonesEnterprises warm tonesfor warm tonesGoddessandco. warm tonesFully warm toneshallmarked, warm tonessigned, warm tonesstamped warm tonesand warm tonestaggedMEASUREMENT:19 warm tonesinches warm toneslongSIZE: warm tonesBeads warm tonesare warm tones13mm warm tonesin warm tonesdiameterWEIGHT: warm tones11.31 warm tonesTotal warm tonesGram warm tonesWeight

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