Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hand embroidered, Hand Stitched Embroidered Scarlet Letter A Initial Brooch Easy A Book Geek



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Cute initial ainitial initial aA initial ahand initial aembroidered initial abrooch, initial ared initial athread initial aon initial acream initial acotton initial afabric initial amounted initial ain initial ametal initial abrooch, initial athe initial abrooch initial ameasures initial aapprox initial a1 initial ainch initial aacross initial aor initial aabout initial a3 initial acm. initial aScarlet initial aletter initial abook initial ageekery initial aEasy initial aA initial alove. initial aReady initial ato initial aship initial ato initial aship initial ayou initial awill initial areceive initial aone initial aA initial abrooch.

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