Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Pink and black agate druzy focal beadcharms pendants, agate pendantcharms pendants, agatecharms pendants, healing stonecharms pendants, chakracharms pendants, wire wrappingcharms pendants, beadingcharms pendants, bead embroidery P5



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This agateis agatea agatevery agatenice agateagate agatedruzy agateflat agateback agatependant. agate agatePink agateand agateblack agateagate agatedruzy agatefocal agatebead, agateagate agatependant, agateagate, agatehealing agatestone, agatechakra, agate agatewire agatewrapping, agatebeading, agatebead agateembroidery. agate agateUSA agateshop agatein agateTennesseeMeasures agate35 agatex agate50mm

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