Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

art deco lariat, Retro 20's Flapper Style CRYSTAL & Pink LARIAT Necklace w Dangle Fringe



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Art crystal beadsDeco crystal beadsstyled crystal beadsflapper crystal beadsnecklace crystal beadsis crystal beadsmade crystal beadsof crystal beadsgrey crystal beadscrystals crystal beadswith crystal beadsa crystal beadspink crystal beadscentral crystal beads\u201cstone\u201d crystal beadsdecorated crystal beadswith crystal beadsrhinestones crystal beadsin crystal beadsa crystal beadslariat crystal beadsstyle. crystal beads crystal beadsLots crystal beadsof crystal beadsdangles crystal beadsof crystal beadscrystals crystal beadsflow crystal beadsfreely crystal beadsfrom crystal beadsthe crystal beadscenter crystal beadspiece. crystal beadsAt crystal beadseach crystal beadsend, crystal beadsthere crystal beadsis crystal beadsdarker crystal beadsgrey crystal beadscrystals crystal beadsending crystal beadsin crystal beadsthe crystal beadspale crystal beadspink crystal beadsbead. crystal beadsThe crystal beadsbeaded crystal beadspart crystal beadsis crystal beads31 crystal beadsinches crystal beadslong crystal beadsand crystal beadsthe crystal beadspendant crystal beadsfrom crystal beadsthe crystal beadscentral crystal beadsring crystal beadsis crystal beads6 crystal beadsinches crystal beadslong. crystal beadsThis crystal beadsis crystal beadsin crystal beadsexcellent crystal beadscondition, crystal beadsready crystal beadsto crystal beadswear crystal beadsto crystal beadsyour crystal beadsnext crystal beadsflapper crystal beadsor crystal beadsformal crystal beadsevent.

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