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vintage wood & celluloid cameo brooch . wooden heart pinseattle washington, souvenir from Seattle Washington



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Vintage seattle washington40s/50s seattle washingtonbrooch seattle washingtonmade seattle washingtonof seattle washingtonwood seattle washingtonand seattle washingtoncelluloid. seattle washingtonThe seattle washingtonbar seattle washingtonreads seattle washingtonSeattle seattle washingtonWash seattle washingtonwith seattle washingtona seattle washingtoncameo seattle washingtonmounted seattle washingtonto seattle washingtona seattle washingtonheart seattle washingtondangling seattle washingtonbelow seattle washingtonit. seattle washingtonExcellent seattle washingtoncondition, seattle washingtonno seattle washingtonissues seattle washingtonto seattle washingtonnote. seattle washingtonMeasures seattle washington1.5" seattle washingtonwide seattle washingtonx seattle washington2" seattle washingtontall. seattle washingtonShips seattle washingtonin seattle washingtona seattle washingtongift seattle washingtonbox.I seattle washingtoncombine seattle washingtonshipping seattle washingtonon seattle washingtonmultiple seattle

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