Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hippy, Carved Bone | Feather | Carnelian | 18.25” Necklace | One of a Kind



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This carved bonenecklace carved bonefeatures:- carved boneFeather carved bonemotif/Carved carved bonebone- carved boneGlass carved bone- carved boneCarnelian- carved boneSterling carved bonesilver carved bonelinks- carved boneSterling carved bonesilver carved bonelobster carved boneclasp- carved boneGreen carved boneC-lon carved bone(cotton/nylon) carved bonecord- carved bone18.25" carved bone+ carved boneadditional carved bone2" carved bonefor carved bonependant carved bonedropCarnelian: carved boneHelps carved boneto carved boneovercome carved bonedifficulties carved boneand carved bonedefend carved bonea carved bonerigheous carved bonecause. carved boneIt carved bonegives carved bonecourage carved boneand carved bonemotivation.

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