Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Liz Claiborne earringscostume jewelry, round button logo shield emblemcostume jewelry, LCi clip ons



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Vintage liz claiborneLiz liz claiborneClaiborne liz claiborneearrings liz claibornecirca liz claiborne1980s. liz claiborneBright liz claibornebrushed liz claibornegold liz claibornetone liz claiborneclip liz claiborneons liz claibornewith liz claibornethe liz claibornecompany liz claibornelogo. liz claiborneSigned liz claiborneLCi liz claiborneon liz claibornethe liz claiborneback. liz claiborneExcellent liz claibornecondition, liz claiborneno liz claiborneflaws. liz claiborneThey liz claibornemeasure liz claibornea liz claibornelittle liz claiborneover liz claiborne1".Ships liz claibornein liz claibornea liz claibornegift liz

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