Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage modernist mixed metal earringsshiny silver, danglin' ballsshiny silver, minimalist ice pick inspired look



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Vintage shiny silvermodernist shiny silvermixed shiny silvermetal shiny silverearrings shiny silverwith shiny silvershiny shiny silversilver shiny silverballs shiny silveraccented shiny silverby shiny silvera shiny silvermore shiny silvermatte shiny silvergold. shiny silverFor shiny silverpierced shiny silverears. shiny silverReminds shiny silverme shiny silverof shiny silverthe shiny silverolder shiny silverice shiny silverpick shiny silverlook shiny silverjewelry. shiny silverExcellent shiny silvercondition, shiny silverno shiny silverflaws. shiny silver1.75" shiny silverlongShips shiny silverin shiny silvera shiny silvergift shiny

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