Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

butterfly brooch, 80s vintage enamel butterfly pin brooch - gold & pastel shimmer



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Vintage lapel pin1980s lapel pinbutterfly lapel pinpin lapel pinbrooch. lapel pinPastel lapel pinenamel lapel pinwith lapel pina lapel pinshimmery lapel pinswirl lapel pinagainst lapel pina lapel pinbright lapel pingold lapel pinmetal. lapel pinExcellent lapel pincondition, lapel pinno lapel pinflaws. lapel pinMeasures lapel pin1.5" lapel pinx lapel pin1.25".Ships lapel pinin lapel pina lapel pingift lapel pinbox.I lapel pincombine lapel pinshipping lapel pinon lapel pinmultiple lapel

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