Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

autumn jewelry, gaudy gold vintage collar pin and leaf brooch



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Set victorian inspiredof victorian inspiredgold victorian inspiredtone victorian inspiredvintage victorian inspiredpins. victorian inspiredThe victorian inspiredleaf victorian inspiredmeasures victorian inspired1.5" victorian inspiredx victorian inspired2". victorian inspiredThe victorian inspiredfiligree victorian inspiredVictorian victorian inspiredinspired victorian inspiredpin victorian inspiredis victorian inspired2" victorian inspiredwide. victorian inspiredBoth victorian inspiredare victorian inspiredexcellent victorian inspiredcondition victorian inspiredwith victorian inspiredno victorian inspiredflaws victorian inspiredto victorian inspirednote.Ships victorian inspiredin victorian inspireda victorian inspiredgift victorian inspiredbox.I victorian inspiredcombine victorian inspiredshipping victorian inspiredon victorian inspiredmultiple victorian

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