Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Cast Sterling Silver Chinese Longevity Symbol Knot Necklacetraditional, Pendanttraditional, Hand Carved Original



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Chinese artbirthday artwishes artare artpractically artalways artexpressed artwith artthis artcharacter- artwhich artmeans artlongevity. artThe artknot, arta arttraditional artform artof artdecorative artcraft, artgets artits artshape artfrom artan artabstract artversion artof artthe artclassical artChinese artword. artLoops artand artswirls artcome arttogether artwith artsymmetry artand artgrace. artI artcarved artone artsuch artknot artin artwax, artby arthand, artand artcast artit artin artsterling artsilver. artIt artis artoxidized artto artshow artthe artdetail artand arthangs artfrom arta artfine, artsimple art16" artsterling artsilver artchain.\rThe artsymbol artdoes artnot arthave artto artbe arta artbirthday artgift- artits artmeaning artis art"may artyou artlead arta artlong artand arthappy artlife," artwhich artis artappropriate artfor artalmost artall artoccasions. art\rOne artof arta artkind artand artentirely arthandmade. artThank artyou artand artenjoy!

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