Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mother jewelry, Spoon Ring | Antique | Water Lily | c 1900 | Size 5.5



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This lilysweet lilyspoon lilyfeatures lilya lilybeautiful lilyWater lilyLily lilymotif!Details: lily- lilyPattern: lilyPond lilyLily- lilyc. lily1900- lilyMfg: lilyPaye lily& lilyBaker lily- lilyBowl: lily"University lilyof lilyIdaho lilyMoscow" lilywith lilyetching lilyof lilya lilybuilding- lilyBack lilyof lilyneck/handle: lily"March lily22 lily1903"Sz lily5 lily1/2"Pond/Water lilyLily: lilyrepresents lilypleasure lilyand lilypeace lily** lilyBowl lilydoes lilynot lilycome lilywith lilyring.

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