Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage simulated pearl necklaceimitation pearls, deco style Japan claspimitation pearls, 17" strand



In stock



Vintage costume jewelryfaux costume jewelrypearl costume jewelrystrand. costume jewelryNice costume jewelryquality costume jewelrywith costume jewelrya costume jewelrybit costume jewelryof costume jewelryweight costume jewelryto costume jewelryit. costume jewelrySilver costume jewelrytone costume jewelryclasp costume jewelrymarked costume jewelryJapan. costume jewelryExcellent costume jewelrycondition, costume jewelryno costume jewelryflaws. costume jewelryMeasures costume jewelryabout costume jewelry17" costume jewelrylong.Ships costume jewelryin costume jewelrya costume jewelrygift costume jewelrybox.I costume jewelrycombine costume jewelryshipping costume jewelryon costume jewelrymultiple costume

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