Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

primitive snowman, rustic vintage snowman Christmas pin brooch



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Vintage country homesnowman country homepin country homewith country home3 country homedimensional country homedetails, country homeright country homedown country hometo country homehis country homecrooked country homecarrot country homenose. country homeMade country homeof country homehard country homeplastic country homeor country homeresin. country homeExcellent country homecondition, country homeno country homeflaws. country homeMeasures country home2.25" country hometall country homex country home country homea country homelittle country homeover country home1" country homewide.Ships country homein country home country homea country homegift country homebox.I country homecombine country homeshipping country homeon country homemultiple country

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