Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage 1970s necklacebar chain necklace, Avon boho Mayan modernist brushed silver pendant on bar chain



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Vintage articulated pendantAvon articulated pendantnecklace articulated pendantfrom articulated pendanttheir articulated pendantMayan articulated pendantCollection, articulated pendant1974. articulated pendantThe articulated pendantarticulated, articulated pendantbrushed articulated pendantsilver articulated pendanttone articulated pendantpendant articulated pendantis articulated pendantsigned articulated pendanton articulated pendantthe articulated pendantback. articulated pendantExcellent articulated pendantcondition, articulated pendantno articulated pendantflaws. articulated pendantClean articulated pendantand articulated pendantbright. articulated pendantThe articulated pendantchain articulated pendantmeasures articulated pendant23" articulated pendantlong, articulated pendantthe articulated pendantpendant articulated pendantis articulated pendant2.5" articulated pendantlong. articulated pendantShips articulated pendantin articulated pendanta articulated pendantgift articulated pendantbox.I articulated pendantcombine articulated pendantshipping articulated pendanton articulated pendantmultiple articulated

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