Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

yellow bakelite, vintage yellow bakelite pendant charm with fairies or angels



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Vintage gems cabochonsyellow gems cabochonsBakelite gems cabochonsdisc gems cabochonswith gems cabochonsgold gems cabochonstone gems cabochonsfairies gems cabochonsor gems cabochonsangels gems cabochonsaffixed gems cabochonsto gems cabochonsthe gems cabochonstop. gems cabochonsThey're gems cabochonsnot gems cabochonsoriginal gems cabochonsto gems cabochonsthe gems cabochonspiece- gems cabochonsunder gems cabochonsa gems cabochonsmicroscope gems cabochonsa gems cabochonstiny gems cabochonsbit gems cabochonsof gems cabochonsglue gems cabochonscan gems cabochonsbe gems cabochonsseen gems cabochonsbehind gems cabochonsthem. gems cabochonsThe gems cabochonsBakelite gems cabochonsis gems cabochonsreal- gems cabochonsit gems cabochonspasses gems cabochonsthe gems cabochonsrub/sniff gems cabochonstest. gems cabochonsMeasures gems cabochons1.25" gems cabochonswide.Ships gems cabochonsin gems cabochonsa gems cabochonsgift gems cabochonsbox.I gems cabochonscombine gems cabochonsshipping gems cabochonson gems cabochonsmultiple gems

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