Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

3 vintage wreath brooches - white holly leaves w/ faux pearlsfaux pearls, gold tone with green & opal glassfaux pearls, eternity pins



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3 gold tonevintage gold tonewreath gold tonepins. gold toneOne gold toneis gold tonesmall gold toneplain gold tonegold gold tonetone, gold tonemeasuring gold tone1", gold tonenext gold toneis gold tonea gold toneshiny gold tonegold gold tonetone gold tonewith gold toneopal gold tonelook gold tonecabs, gold tonegreen gold tonecabs gold toneand gold toneclear gold tonerhinestones gold tonemeasuring gold tone1.5", gold tonelast gold tonebut gold tonenot gold toneleast gold tonea gold tonewhite gold toneholly gold tonewreath gold tonewith gold tonegold gold toneundertones gold toneand gold tonefaux gold tonepearls gold tonemeasuring gold tone1.5". gold toneAll gold toneexcellent gold tonecondition.Ships gold tonein gold tonea gold tonegift gold tonebox.I gold tonecombine gold toneshipping gold toneon gold tonemultiple gold

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