Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Native American Choctaw Darrell Brown Sterling Barrettbarrette, Traditional Bear Designs



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Vintage sterling barrettesterling sterling barrettesilver sterling barrettebarrette sterling barrettehandcrafted sterling barretteby sterling barretteChoctaw sterling barretteNative sterling barretteDarrell sterling barretteBrown3 sterling barretteinches sterling barrettelong sterling barretteand sterling barrette7/8" sterling barrettewideTraditional sterling barrettebear sterling barretteand sterling barretteNative sterling barretteAmerican sterling barretteDesignsTarnished sterling barrettesurfaces, sterling barrettewill sterling barrettepolish sterling barretteif sterling barretterequested. sterling barretteWorks sterling barrettewell, sterling barrettebarrette sterling barretteis sterling barretteattached sterling barrettein sterling barrettesuch sterling barrettea sterling barretteway sterling barrettethat sterling barretteit sterling barrettecould sterling barrettebe sterling barrettereplaced sterling barretteif sterling barretteneeded.

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