Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

large vintage medallion necklacelarge necklace, medieval knight on horselarge necklace, silver tone



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Large medieval knightvintage medieval knightmedallion medieval knightnecklace medieval knightfeaturing medieval knighta medieval knightmedieval medieval knightknight medieval knighton medieval knighta medieval knighthorse. medieval knightExcellent medieval knightcondition, medieval knightno medieval knightflaws. medieval knightChain medieval knightis medieval knightno medieval knightoriginal. medieval knightThe medieval knightpendant medieval knightis medieval knightan medieval knightimpressive medieval knight2.25" medieval knightwide medieval knightwith medieval knighta medieval knightlittle medieval knightweight medieval knightto medieval knightit medieval knightthough medieval knightI medieval knightstill medieval knightwouldn't medieval knightcall medieval knightit medieval knightheavy. medieval knightThe medieval knightchain medieval knightis medieval knight24" medieval knightlong.Ships medieval knightin medieval knighta medieval knightgift medieval

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