Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

signed ART flower pin broochsigned art, 3d pink enamel Arthur Pepper jewelry



In stock



Cool signed jewelryvintage signed jewelryenamel signed jewelryflower signed jewelrybrooch signed jewelrywith signed jewelryunique signed jewelrydetails, signed jewelrysigned signed jewelryART signed jewelry(Arthur signed jewelryPepper) signed jewelryon signed jewelrythe signed jewelryback. signed jewelryThe signed jewelrypetals signed jewelryare signed jewelrylattice-like signed jewelryfiligree signed jewelrywith signed jewelrytiny signed jewelrypink signed jewelryflowers signed jewelryon signed jewelrythem. signed jewelryExcellent signed jewelrycondition, signed jewelryno signed jewelryflaws signed jewelryto signed jewelrynote. signed jewelryMeasures signed jewelryabout signed jewelry2.5" signed jewelrywide signed jewelryand signed jewelry3" signed jewelrytall.Ships signed jewelryin signed jewelrya signed jewelrygift signed jewelrybox.I signed jewelrycombine signed jewelryshipping signed jewelryon signed jewelrymultiple signed

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