Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage beaded collar necklacecollar necklace, black and white glass seed bead twist torsade



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Vintage collar necklacetorsade collar necklacenecklace collar necklacein collar necklacetimeless collar necklaceblack collar necklaceand collar necklacewhite collar necklaceglass collar necklacebeads collar necklacewith collar necklacea collar necklacelittle collar necklacebit collar necklaceof collar necklaceweight collar necklaceto collar necklaceit. collar necklaceThe collar necklacenecklace collar necklaceis collar necklacein collar necklaceexcellent collar necklacecondition, collar necklaceno collar necklaceflaws collar necklaceto collar necklacenote. collar necklaceUnsigned. collar necklaceMeasures collar necklacebetween collar necklace1/2"-3/4" collar necklacethick collar necklaceand collar necklace18" collar necklacelong.I collar necklacecombine collar necklaceshipping collar necklaceon collar necklacemultiple collar necklaceitems.Vintage collar necklacejewelry:https://www./shop/aorta?section_id=14198588

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