Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage pink and red beaded necklacegift for her, made in West Germanygift for her, 3 strand



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Vintage valentine necklace3 valentine necklacestrand valentine necklacenecklace valentine necklacemade valentine necklaceof valentine necklacepink valentine necklaceand valentine necklacered valentine necklaceplastic valentine necklacebeads. valentine necklacePale valentine necklacegold valentine necklacetone valentine necklacespacers valentine necklaceand valentine necklaceclasp. valentine necklaceMarked valentine necklaceon valentine necklacethe valentine necklacehook valentine necklaceclasp valentine necklacewith valentine necklace'made valentine necklacein valentine necklaceWest valentine necklaceGermany." valentine necklaceExcellent valentine necklacecondition, valentine necklaceno valentine necklaceflaws. valentine necklaceChunky valentine necklacebut valentine necklacelightweight. valentine necklaceCan valentine necklacebe valentine necklaceworn valentine necklace16" valentine necklaceto valentine necklace18".Ships valentine necklacein valentine necklacea valentine necklacegift valentine necklacebox.I valentine necklacecombine valentine necklaceshipping valentine necklaceon valentine necklacemultiple valentine

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