Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Miriam Haskell necklacechunky necklace, celluloid look slices on padlock style chainchunky necklace, long strand



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Signed signed vintagevintage signed vintageMiriam signed vintageHaskell signed vintagenecklace. signed vintageThe signed vintagenecklace signed vintagefeatures signed vintagecelluloid signed vintagelook signed vintagedisk signed vintageslices signed vintage(acrylic signed vintageor signed vintagelucite) signed vintageand signed vintagesilver signed vintagetone signed vintagepadlock signed vintagestyle signed vintagechain signed vintagelinks. signed vintageExcellent signed vintagecondition, signed vintageno signed vintageissues. signed vintageA signed vintagereally signed vintagecool signed vintagepiece. signed vintageEach signed vintageslice signed vintagemeasures signed vintage1.5" signed vintagelong, signed vintagethe signed vintagenecklace signed vintageis signed vintage28" signed vintagelong.Ships signed vintagein signed vintagea signed vintagegift signed vintagebox.I signed vintagecombine signed vintageshipping signed vintageon signed vintagemultiple signed

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