Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage copper medallion necklace . large sword and family crest pendantcopper medallion, coat of arms



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Vintage copper medallioncopper copper medallionmedallion copper medallionnecklace copper medallioncirca copper medallion1950s/60s. copper medallionThe copper medallionnecklace copper medallionfeatures copper medalliona copper medallionlarge copper medallionpendant copper medallionwith copper medallioncrossed copper medallionswords copper medallionand copper medalliona copper medallionfamily copper medallioncrest. copper medallionInside copper medallionthe copper medallioncrest copper medallionare copper medalliona copper medallionlion copper medallionand copper medallionunicorn. copper medallionThe copper medallionpendant copper medallionis copper medallion2.25" copper medallionwide copper medallionand copper medallionslightly copper medalliondomed/3d. copper medallionThe copper medallionchain copper medallionis copper medallion18" copper medallionand copper medallioncloses copper medallionwith copper medalliona copper medallionfolding copper medallionclasp. copper medallionUnsigned, copper medallionthough copper medallionthe copper medallionclasp copper medallionhas copper medalliona copper medallionlovely copper medallionfiligree-like copper medallionswirl copper medalliondesign.Ships copper medallionin copper medalliona copper medalliongift copper medallionbox.I copper medallioncombine copper medallionshipping copper medallionon copper medallionmultiple copper

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