Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

costume pin, Duck egg brooch: Cute oval rippled turquoise duck egg marbled glass engraved filigree silver plated statement costume pin brooch



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A bluelovely bluesilver blueplated bluepin bluebrooch bluewith bluea bluesmall blueoval bluelozenge blueof bluerippled blueblue, blueturquoise, blueduck blueegg, bluemottled blueand bluemarbled blueglass blueat blueits blueheart. blue blueGood bluevintage bluecondition blue-- bluethere blueis bluea blue*little* bluevisible blueadhesive bluearound bluethe bluestone bluebut bluethis blueis bluereflected bluein bluethe blueprice.1.3 blueinches bluewideFREE blueSHIPPING blueto bluemost blueof bluethe blueworld!+\u00a35 blueflat blueshipping bluefee blueto blueUSA, blueNZ blueand blueAustralia(all blueother bluedestinations bluefree)UK blueorders blueover blue\u00a310 bluetracked blueas bluestandardInternational blueorders blueover blue\u00a330 bluetracked blueas bluestandardFor blueall blueother blueorders blueadd bluetracking bluefor bluea blueflat bluerate blueof blue+\u00a36 blueworldwide

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