Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

white acrylic, White Acrylic Hexagonal Dangling Earrings with Gold Accents



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60's white earringsmod white earringsfuses white earringswith white earringsclassic white earringspreppy white earringsto white earringsgive white earringsthese white earringswhite white earringshexagonal white earringsearrings white earringsa white earringsstand-out white earringslook. white earringsCasual white earringsand white earringsdressy white earringsat white earringsthe white earringssame white earringstime, white earringsyou white earringswill white earringsturn white earringsheads!These white earringsare white earringswhite white earringsacrylic white earringslaser white earringscut white earringshanging white earringsearrings white earringswith white earringsa white earringspost white earringsfastener. white earringsThey white earringsmeasure white earrings3.25" white earringsin white earringslength white earringsby white earrings2" white earringsin white earringswidth.Custom white earringsrequests white earringswelcome.

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