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boho, Large Engraved Hand Painted Wood Disc Earrings



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A statement earringstwist statement earringson statement earringsa statement earringsneutral statement earringsearring, statement earringsthese statement earringslarge statement earringswood statement earringsengraved statement earringsand statement earringsgold statement earringsand statement earringspurple statement earringshand-painted statement earringsdisc statement earringsearrings statement earringswill statement earringsadd statement earringsa statement earringsstatement statement earringsto statement earringsany statement earringsoutfit. statement earringsDress statement earringsup statement earringsor statement earringsdress statement earringsdown! statement earringsCool statement earringsand statement earringsfunky!They statement earringsmeasure statement earrings3\u201d statement earringsin statement earringsdiameter.

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