Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage black and white striped bead strand necklacetribal style, tribal heishi style long strand



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Vintage color blockbead color blockstrand color blockheishi color blockstyle color blocknecklace, color blockfeels color blocklike color blockplastic color blockbut color blockhas color blocka color blocklittle color blockweight color blockto color blockit color blockand color blockalmost color blocka color blockglass color blocklook. color blockExcellent color blockcondition, color blockno color blockflaws. color blockQuite color blocklovely color blockand color blockwell color blockmade. color blockMeasures color block29.5" color blocklong.Ships color blockin color blocka color blockgift color blockbox.I color blockcombine color blockshipping color blockon color blockmultiple color

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