Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

SALE vintage brutalist necklace & cuff bracelet SETnecklace set, biomorphic mixed metalsnecklace set, artisan madenecklace set, copper and brass with a nod to art nouveau



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Brutalist mixed metalsartisan mixed metalsmade mixed metalsnecklace mixed metalsand mixed metalscuff mixed metalsbracelet mixed metalswith mixed metalsa mixed metalsnod mixed metalsto mixed metalsArt mixed metalsNouveau. mixed metalsMixed mixed metalsmetals, mixed metalslikely mixed metalscirca mixed metals70s/80s. mixed metalsNecklace mixed metalspendant mixed metalsis mixed metals3.25" mixed metalslong mixed metalson mixed metalsan mixed metals18" mixed metalschain. mixed metalsBracelet mixed metalsis mixed metalsslightly mixed metalsmalleable mixed metalsto mixed metalsfit mixed metalsanyone, mixed metalsfocal mixed metalswidth mixed metalsis mixed metals1.5". mixed metalsExcellent mixed metalscondition, mixed metalsno mixed metalsflaws. mixed metalsUnsigned.Ships mixed metalsin mixed metalsa mixed metalsgift mixed metalsbox.I mixed metalscombine mixed metalsshipping mixed metalson mixed metalsmultiple mixed

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