Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage dragonfly broochdragonfly brooch, mixed metals with kinetic moving tail



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Quirky insect broochand insect broochcool insect broochvintage insect broochdragonfly insect broochbrooch. insect broochIt insect broochis insect broochmade insect broochof insect broochmixed insect broochmetals insect broochwith insect broocha insect broochwee insect broochfaux insect broochpearl insect broochcab insect broochand insect broocha insect broochslightly insect broochbigger insect broochpurple insect broochstone insect broochon insect broochthe insect broochwings. insect broochThe insect broochtail insect broochis insect broocha insect broochbeaded insect broochstrand insect broochthat insect broochsways insect broochas insect broochyou insect broochmove. insect broochUnsigned. insect broochMeasures insect brooch3.5" insect broochincluding insect broochthe insect broochtail, insect broochand insect broochabout insect brooch1.75" insect broochnot insect broochincluding insect broochthe insect broochtail. insect broochExcellent insect broochcondition, insect broochno insect broochflaws.Ships insect broochin insect broocha insect broochgift insect broochbox.I insect broochcombine insect broochshipping insect broochon insect broochmultiple insect

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