Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage brutalist statement collar necklacecollar necklace, mixed metals with stone or glass focalcollar necklace, adjustable links



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Large vintage jewelryvintage vintage jewelrystatement vintage jewelrynecklace vintage jewelryin vintage jewelrya vintage jewelrybrutalist vintage jewelrystyle. vintage jewelryMixed vintage jewelrymetals vintage jewelrywith vintage jewelrya vintage jewelryglass vintage jewelryor vintage jewelrystone vintage jewelry(agate) vintage jewelrycenter. vintage jewelryExcellent vintage jewelrycondition vintage jewelrywith vintage jewelryno vintage jewelryissues vintage jewelryto vintage jewelrynote. vintage jewelryThe vintage jewelryfocal vintage jewelryarea vintage jewelrymeasures vintage jewelryup vintage jewelryto vintage jewelry6" vintage jewelrywide vintage jewelryand vintage jewelry5" vintage jewelrytall, vintage jewelrythe vintage jewelrynecklace vintage jewelryfits vintage jewelryup vintage jewelryto vintage jewelryabout vintage jewelry21"

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