Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sapphire, 5 Stone Blue Sapphire Band or Anniversary



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This 3mmband 3mmcontains 3mm5 3mmgenuine 3mmblue 3mmsapphires. 3mmMeasureing 3mm3mm, 3mmeach.\rVery 3mmvivid 3mmblue. 3mmSet 3mmin 3mmsterlling 3mmsilver, 3mmmakes 3mmthis 3mmring 3mmaffordable.\rIf 3mmring 3mmneeds 3mmto 3mmbe 3mmresized 3mmit 3mmis 3mman 3mmextra 3mm$12.00 3mmplus 3mmthis 3mmis 3mmincluded 3mmin 3mmthe 3mmremounting 3mmfee 3mmto 3mmreset 3mmthese 3mmstones.\rThis 3mmring 3mmcan 3mmbe 3mmreset 3mmin 3mmgold 3mmat 3mmthe 3mmmarket 3mmprice.\rRing 3mmsize 3mm6.75\rLayaway 3mmavailable.

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