Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage orange confetti lucite collar necklaceorange lucite, 50s 60s thermoset plastic chokerorange lucite, gold glitter & sea shells



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Vintage thermoset plasticconfetti thermoset plasticlucite thermoset plasticnecklace thermoset plasticin thermoset plastica thermoset plasticbright thermoset plasticorange thermoset plasticwith thermoset plastictiny thermoset plasticshells thermoset plasticmixed thermoset plasticin thermoset plasticwith thermoset plasticthe thermoset plasticglitter. thermoset plasticGreat thermoset plasticcondition. thermoset plasticThe thermoset plasticonly thermoset plasticminor thermoset plasticflaw thermoset plasticis thermoset plasticthe thermoset plasticplain thermoset plasticchain thermoset plastictoward thermoset plasticthe thermoset plasticback thermoset plasticis thermoset plasticmore thermoset plasticgold thermoset plastictone thermoset plasticthan thermoset plasticthe thermoset plasticsetting thermoset plasticthe thermoset plasticlucite thermoset plasticcabs thermoset plasticsit thermoset plasticin. thermoset plasticThe thermoset plasticnecklace thermoset plastichas thermoset plastica thermoset plasticdangle thermoset plasticat thermoset plasticthe thermoset plasticback thermoset plasticthat thermoset plasticis thermoset plasticusually thermoset plasticassociated thermoset plasticwith thermoset plasticLisner thermoset plasticbut thermoset plasticthere thermoset plasticare thermoset plasticno thermoset plasticmarkings thermoset plasticon thermoset plasticthe thermoset plasticnecklace. thermoset plasticEach thermoset plasticlucite thermoset plasticpiece thermoset plasticis thermoset plastic1" thermoset plasticwide thermoset plasticand thermoset plasticthe thermoset plasticnecklace thermoset plasticcan thermoset plasticbe thermoset plasticworn thermoset plasticup thermoset plasticto thermoset plastic16.5".Ships thermoset plasticin thermoset plastica thermoset plasticgift thermoset

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