Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

unique gift, vintage woman pins by Lucinda Yates . lady in hat with umbrella brooch



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"Woman lucinda broochPins lucinda broochby lucinda broochLucinda" lucinda broochfeatures lucinda broochthe lucinda broochsilhouette lucinda broochof lucinda broocha lucinda broochlady lucinda broochwearing lucinda broocha lucinda broochhat lucinda broochand lucinda broochholding lucinda broochan lucinda broochumbrella.Measures lucinda brooch1.25" lucinda broochx lucinda brooch2". lucinda broochExcellent lucinda broochcondition, lucinda broochno lucinda broochflaws."We lucinda broochall lucinda broochare lucinda broochonly lucinda broochone lucinda broochchoice lucinda broochaway lucinda broochfrom lucinda broochchanging lucinda broochthe lucinda broochworld"- lucinda broochLucinda lucinda broochYatesShips lucinda broochin lucinda broocha lucinda broochgift lucinda broochbox.

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